8 reasons why every small business needs a website

8 reasons why every small business needs a website

Do you know why every small business needs a website? Websites are an important part of any business, as they allow customers to find your products and services. Whether you’re running a brick and mortar store or just starting out, there is no reason not to invest in this essential tool for success. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 reasons why every small business needs a website!

1) Visibility – Your website is the first thing potential customers see

Think about what you do when you’re looking for a product or service. Most people will go on the internet to search for something, even if they’re not exactly sure what they are looking for. Without a website for your business, you could be missing out on potential clients.

That means that having a website, and how it looks and functions, is the first impression you make on customers. Will they be impressed by what they see? Or will there be something about your site that puts them off at first glance? Or even worse, you don’t have one at all.

Even those looking for a physical store like a restaurant or clothing chain tend to use tools like Google Maps and Search to find the best business. If you have a website, your customers will be more likely to click through on Google Maps and search results for businesses/services in their area. This is because smarter integrations with tools like Google Maps and Search mean that customers looking for something nearby are more likely to find you! But they can only do that if you have a website!

Want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace? It’s not enough to just put your shop sign outside and hope people show up. Every business needs a website, no matter how small or large they are.

2) Show what you know – Websites helps you show your expertise in your field or niche

Having a website means you are serious about your business and have the expertise to back it up! A website can help make you more credible to your consumers and lets you show off the skills or knowledge that your company has to offer.

Utilising a site to post blogs or articles demonstrating your expertise will increase the chances of customers finding you and therefore increase business. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your experience and knowledge in your field which will help with drawing in new clients.

Your website will also allow you to showcase your company’s values, services and qualifications that you offer which makes it easier for visitors to decide whether or not they want to take the next step and contact your business.

You can also include testimonials from happy clients. Why is this important? Testimonials are social proof of your businesses’ legitimacy and they are also a great way to show off the benefits of your product or service. Having testimonials on your site is also a great way to illustrate that your company is active and provides excellent customer service.

3) E-commerce – You can use it as an online storefront for selling products or services

using a website to sell products and services - why every small business needs a website

Some businesses just use their website just to show what they offer. But your website, if done correctly, can do a lot more. It can become an online storefront to directly sell your products and services to clients. This is called e-commerce. So what’re the benefits of e-commerce?

Well, for starters, it’s a lot more convenient for your shoppers to buy from you online. No driving around town looking for parking or waiting in line at the store just to order something they’re interested in.

A website can help you save money on overhead expenses as your store is now online and operating digitally so there are no real-estate costs. In today’s marketplace, it is important for a business to look for ways to decrease overhead cost in order to remain competitive.

Your e-commerce online store also has many benefits as well. You can use it to upsell, cross-sell and offer bundle deals on products that you have for sale, which helps get prospective punters to buy more of your product easier.

The benefits of an online store also include the ability to offer a more personalised experience. By tailoring your website to the demographics of your customers, you can make their visit much simpler and tailor it specifically to what they’re looking for in order to provide them with an optimal customer service experience, increasing the chances of them making a purchase.

4) Be easy to find – It’s easier for people to find your business online than in person 

By having a website, you’ll be able to reach people who live locally, in other parts of the country or even around the world and show them what your business has to offer.

A professional website design creates an online presence that helps you attract new customers which is vital to growing your business.

As the high street becomes increasingly obsolete and customers are more likely to shop online, brick-and-mortar stores can be hard-pressed to reach potential customers. A website for your small business is often the best solution, especially when you provide offerings that can be delivered or provided remotely.

In a post COVID world, we’ll be seeing even more consumers turning to online shopping to get their goods and services. This ‘new normal’ is likely to have a significant negative impact on those who choose not to invest in online visibility.

A website alone won’t bring in customers, but as part of an effective digital marketing strategy, it can be an invaluable tool in attracting and engaging customers and getting the edge over your competition.

A beautiful, on-brand user-friendly site with effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), social proof and quality content is likely to result in increased traffic and spend for any small business owner who takes advantage of this opportunity.

5) Build your brand – A website is an effective way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty

Your website, like anything your clientele sees, is a reflection of your brand.

By having an effective website, you’re showing your customers that they can trust and rely on your business. Your website is a place where people come back, again and again, to find out about the latest deals, services or offerings available from your small business.

So how does your website build brand awareness? It gives your customers a chance to learn more about your company and its services, read customer reviews, follow you on social media channels, or subscribe to a newsletter.

A well-maintained website also provides an effective way for potential customers to contact you or find out how they can visit your physical location in person.

Making it easier for your customers to get in touch with you makes them feel more comfortable with your business and increases the chances they’ll purchase goods or services from you.

Find out more about branding and why it’s important.

6) Share and drive traffic – Websites are easy to share with others via social media and email 

social media and email - why every small business needs a website

Once you have a website, it makes sharing and marketing your business much easier. A presence on the web means you can link to various areas of your website from social media accounts, email marketing campaigns and more.

Essentially, it enhances your digital presence allowing you to share your website with more people than ever!

Not everyone likes social media, but it’s a key part of digital business. By having a website you give yourself a platform that can help improve credibility, showcase your products and show a lot more about your business than a social media account could do alone.

A bonus to having a website is that you’ll have a domain. This is the ‘yoursite.com’ part. This means that you can also have a business email address setup such as yourname@yoursite.com.

Everyone has an email account. Usually, it’s a gmail or outlook account. You can set yourself apart with a personalised email address that reflects your brand.

Having a branded email address will make your customers more confident in your business and think it is more professional.

If you’re just emailing your customers from yourname@gmail.com it’s much less likely to instil trust than having a domain name that’s custom and branded for your business.

7) Analytics – Websites have built-in analytics that tracks how many visitors come to your site each day

A key part of an effective marketing strategy is analytics. A website is a key component of a good marketing strategy. It’s important to track how many visitors come to the site each day and what drives them there, which analytics will do for you.

A successful website will have analytics that you can use to analyse traffic flow, where your visitors are coming from and what they’re looking at on your site.

This information is vital to business owners when it comes to making decisions about how best to market their business online. By knowing the areas of your site that are most popular, you can market more effectively, driving customers to the right products and services and increasing your revenue.

Website analytics are also useful in finding out how well your content is doing – if people aren’t engaging with it on social media then this could be an indicator that your content isn’t up to scratch.

A good analytics suite can also help you analyse competitors – find out what they’re doing well and how their website is performing, so you know where your business needs to improve in order to stay competitive.

Website statistics are able to tell you all sorts of things about the success or failure of a site

8) Rich media – Websites can be a multipurpose platform

Businesses can create their own website with a variety of purposeful features that will help engage their audience.

You can use various media such as video, images and animation to engage visitors on your website. In addition, you can write blogs or articles of varying lengths on the site and share information with a wider audience.

A website can display a wide array of content, including product offerings and social media links. It represents one of the best forms of marketing for small businesses to show their consumers what sets them apart from competitors.

The benefits of having a digital platform over print advertising are the lower cost and the ability to be more flexible with updates and approach so that it is more in tune with what customers and potential clients are looking for.


There are so many benefits to having a website for your small business. Most importantly, it will help you build brand awareness and customer loyalty by showing off what makes you unique in the market as well as showcasing your products and services.

You can also use analytics to improve marketing campaigns or find new ways of driving traffic back to your site- all from one place! Tech is moving fast, but don’t get left behind without a presence online; we’re here to help. Get started today with a free consultation and we can show you how we can create an amazing custom website just for you!