Care Plans

Website maintenance, made simple

Keeping your website running smoothly is like taking care of a car. It needs regular servicing and looking after to keep it working the way you bought it when you first brought it home. Would you try and service your car? Or would you let an expert look after it for you? (unless you're a mechanic, then fair enough!)

So it makes sense to let the experts that built your amazing new website *cough cough*, that's us, keep it in great condition! We offer different 3 Care Plans, but each one provides monthly updates with site management including backups!

Currently, we only offer plans for websites that we've built and host. If you're looking to transfer your Wordpress website from an existing provider, just let us know and we'll see what we can do for you! 

Benefits of Care Plans and Website Maintenance

Here's why website maintenance is important, and how our Care Plans mean you can rest easy knowing we've got your back.

Cost Savings

You might think of a monthly subscription as costing more in the long run, but that's actually not true. If your website goes haywire and you need to fix it after an attack or breach has happened, all sorts of expenses can pile up for a small business.

The average cost of a cyber security breach in the United Kingdom is £1,010 across all businesses, however, this figure becomes greater as the size of a business increases. The cost of a cyber attack is not only financial, with the average time large businesses spend on managing the impact amounting to 3.4 days.

Websites are as susceptible to bugs and security breaches just like your computer or smartphone, so it's important that you take care of them. You can do this by investing in a Care Plan for your website which will make sure the site is as secure as possible with regular updates.

We want to give you peace of mind when it comes to your website. We're also saving you money with our great value 'Steady' and 'Geek' packages that include 1 hour work for FREE if any changes or amendments are needed!

Security and Updates

The websites we build are created on a platform called WordPress. This is the most popular open source platform used by millions of business owners around the world, and it frequently releases bug fixes to keep your site safe from issues that may arise. We do this automatically as a feature in our Care Plans so you can focus on what matters most: running your business!

WordPress also uses ‘plugins’. These are small pieces of software that perform different tasks on your site, from processing payments or contact forms to SEO optimisation! They're like apps you might install in a phone and need regular updates, just as WordPress itself does, for the same reason- safety.

If these plugins aren't updated regularly, there's risk that hackers can exploit out of date software and take down an entire website which is something any business wants to avoid at all costs!


You know, even with the best of care things can go wrong. I've seen it happen time and again - a plugin goes haywire or something happens that's out of our control. But don't worry! We're here to help you get back on track as quickly as possible so your business doesn't suffer any major setbacks.

For your peace of mind, we regularly backup a copy of your site (on two different systems!) to ensure that if the worst happens then all is not lost! The frequency for these backups depend on which Care Plan you subscribe to.


We've put in all this work to make your website awesome, but then it starts going wrong. Whether you made a change or updated some software that created conflicts with something else on the site and now everything is broken - don't worry! We've got you covered with our Care Plan.

We handle your website like it was our own. If an issue arises from updates or changes to your site, we'll always ensure they're fixed so that you can focus on running the business itself without any concerns about technical difficulties getting in the way of progress! Of course if a problem is caused by conflicting software or plugins (and this happens surprisingly often), then we never charge for fixing those issues either - as long as you have one of our Care Plans with us, at least.

Changes, amendments or extra work

With our ‘Steady’ Care Plan or above, you also get 1 hour of free work by us each calendar month*. You can use this for basic changes or amendments, updates to areas of your site, or even towards a larger project if you wish. That's on top of all the other benefits we've mentioned so far!

For any work that takes longer than your free hour, you get a discounted hourly rate! You get 5% of all website work on our mid-range ‘Steady’ plan and 10% off all work on our top ‘Geek’ plan).

*The free hour doesn’t ‘roll-over’. So just like your data on your phone contract, if you don't use it then its not refundable or transferrable to next month. That said, we’re very fair. So you’ve not asked for any work for a few months and then you ask for something that takes a couple of hours, we’ll usually try to do this for little or no extra charge wherever we can.

Our website maintenance packages

This is where you’ll find all the care your website needs. We call them Care Plans, because they're plans and we care for your site with 'em! Take a look at our 3 different packages to see which one suits you best.


core vital maintenance


per month

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Our most popular package, that includes an hours work from us every month


per month

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The benefits of all our plans, plus a whopping 10% discount on all additional work and FREE hosting included!


per month

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Bolt-ons and 'Retainers'

Some extra bolt-ons and details for those who want a little extra!

SEO Boost Bolt-on

For clients whose sites need a SEO boost, want to improve their rankings, need their SEO optimised, keywords checked and additional SEO monitoring features, the SEO boost bolt on can be added at any time for £49.99 per month (minimum 3 month subscription period). (recommended 

This bolt on includes a free upgrade to Advance SEO Optimisation software for your site for a year (worth around £60)

£49.99 per month - minimum subscription 3 months

Custom work and retainers

For clients that require additional regular content/site updates or maintenance that falls outside the scope of our care plans, custom packages with applicable discounted hourly rates are available.