Web Design Services

Bespoke websites, created for you, designed for your customers.

We live in a digital age, having a website isn't just helpful, it's essential. Most customers expect businesses they get services or goods from, even small ones, to have their own website. That's where we come in!

We're passionate about designing great, clean and modern websites that will attract customers, promote your brand, increase sales and make your business stand out from your competitors.

Web design to grow your business

If you're looking for a high-quality web designer, we can help. We offer packages that come with great features and have helped our customers stand out online.

Bespoke design

No templates, no 'free site' builders. Just quality custom design, built for you, designed for your customers

Open source CMS

This means no-one else owns your website. It's yours, for life. And, you can take it with you if you leave us

Mobile ready

No-one wants a site that only works on a PC. Over 50% of traffic to websites is on mobile. Our sites are mobile ready.


All our sites come with free SSL certificates (they help keep your customers secure) and our Care Plans keep your site safe.


All our websites come with a free business email address to give that professional feel to your customers such as  yourname@yoursite.com

Why work with us?

It’s cliche, but we genuinely care about you and your business.

We're not a huge agency where each customer is just a number.

We build relationships with our clients and from day one. From the time you first contact us, we'll get to know your business and customers so that the web design we create for you speaks directly to them - but it doesn't end there!

If you choose to stick with us by having one of our great value Care Plans then we don't just build your site then leave you out in the cold. We continue to work closely with you, updating your website (and it’s content for our mid-range plans and up); so we're always there for you going forward.

Ready Steady Geek offers a wide range of services in the areas of web design and branding. We’ll never sell you anything that we don't think is going to benefit your company or customers. We always put honest value first for our clients!

We believe in honesty with all things - especially when it comes to products and advice on how they can help boost businesses like yours. With Ready Steady Geek, you'll get amazing creativity, thought-out advice and know we’re there to support you should there ever be any problems. Working with us just makes sense, right?

Check out some of our web design work..

Hosting and Maintenance

Costs to keep your shiny new website running and at it's best.

Many clients want to know if there are on-going costs once your site is up and running. The answer is yes. But we don’t believe in hidden costs. So we let you know everything upfront and then it’s your choice.

When you get a site with us, we make it simple.

  • You pay the cost for us to build your site
  • we take a small fee, payable monthly or annually (your choice!) for us to host your site
  • if you take a Care Plan with us, this great monthly service pays to keep your site updated, safe, secure and running in tip-top condition.

Your website is like a car. It needs regular servicing and looking after to keep it working the way it was when you bought it. We offer different 3 Care Plans to work for your budget but they aren't compulsory, so if you want us to just build and host your site and then you look after it yourself, that's fine too!

There is a cost for the ‘domain’ your site sits on, but provided your domain cost is less than £24.99, with us - it’s free for the first year. We’ll help you get this set up and ensure you retain control of it, in case you want to change providers in the future. After the first year, your domain cost is payable by you directly to the registrar. 

That's it though, no other hidden costs!

Our process

We work with our clients in a number of phases to take you from ‘Urgh I need a website’ to ‘Amazing, my new site is live!’

These can change slightly for each client, but usually go like this:

Our web design packages

because all the best things come in three's

Like all our services, our web design packages have three main options to choose from. We can customise some features depending on the needs of our customers.


Exactly what it says on the tin! A great way to get your business 'Ready' on the web. Ideal for small businesses on a budget, this package is great value

See the features


Our most popular package - with all the great benefits of our starting package plus extra features and benefits to really make your site stand out.
see the features


The ultimate web design experience. This bells and whistles package comes with virtually everything you need for an amazing feature packed site to really impress your customers.
see the features