Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness

Calming design for mindfulness – made digital:

A new website is a huge investment for any business, but when you are rebranding to something that’s totally different it can be doubly daunting. Rachel Ashcroft wanted to refresh her brand and as part of this process, she decided she wanted a whole new website too.

We created an elegant website design that captures all the key elements from the branding guidelines we’d already created whilst still being easy to use and appealing.

The key was to make sure Rachel’s clients saw the website as an extension of her services. A mindful calming experience from start to finish. So we designed a website that is clean, professional and easy to use.

The site includes elements such as header animation and video which helps the visitor feel like they are being gently guided through their journey with Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness by her personally – it’s not just about what you see on screen but how we make them experience the site from start-to-finish!

We also implemented a customised events system so people can find out when she’ll next be offering courses or workshops etc., We’re also working on expanding this to include a small shop (who doesn’t like a little shop!) where visitors can buy some of their favourite mindfulness products or services too.

The whole process was hugely rewarding both creatively & professionally because at its heart this project had one goal: To create something really special…for someone whose care, consideration and determination to help others goes beyond just being a job. We hope we achieved something Rachel can be proud to call her own and we continue to support her with a Care Plan on an ongoing basis.

You can visit Rachel’s website a www.rachel-ashcroft.co.uk to see our work live, or take a look at the gallery below for some examples.