Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness

From Colour Your World to Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness – A Mindful Branding Journey

Rachel Ashcroft is a leading mindfulness coach and practitioner, who has been teaching and imparting mindfulness for several years. Rachel was running a successful business called ‘Colour Your World’, but she wanted to rebrand and start fresh coming out from behind the company to create Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness. We’re proud to say we were able to take that journey with her when we created the Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness Brand.

We spent some time with Rachel discussing what she liked about her old brand, what she didn’t like, and how we could help make an impact on branding and design. She had some favourite colours and concepts in mind and we were able to take those ideas and create a logo, colour palette with matching fonts and imagery style that complimented the mindfulness ethos of the company.

We carefully researched colours that evoked a sense of serenity and calm and we used those to create a colour palette that would be the foundation for all of her branding.

After a number of concept designs, we then created the simple, clean logo with clear and stylish typography with a clear tag line – One moment at a time. This is what Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness is all about!

The fonts were researched and chosen for their calming effect on people reading or seeing them, equally helping convey the mindfulness message too- as well being easy enough to read when printed out small.

We used these same principles throughout all branding materials including creating social media graphics, business card, letterheads and more. Ensuring consistency across everything Rachel delivers from now onwards…and we’re very proud of how beautiful, calming and professional looking the end result is.

Rachel was also a genuine pleasure to work with, regularly giving feedback when needed, suggesting and critiquing throughout the whole process to enable us to create a brand she can truly be proud of.

Following the success of the brand creation, we also went on to create Rachel’s new website which is now live and you can visit it at www.rachel-ashcroft.co.uk.

To see our work on the website, just visit our portfolio page for the Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness website.